Professional Preparation

Architecture is a growing profession at the crossroads of art, design, and technology. Now is your time.

The Miller M.Arch is a first professional degree program, meaning that graduates will be equipped to continue through their internship period to the licensing exam, and ultimately to their professional architecture license.

Many graduates will follow the classic path, joining an existing practice, designing, and getting buildings built. Many others will take advantage of the habits of mind, strategic thinking, and deep knowledge of design to begin their own architectural practice, hybridize it with something else, or even head off in a different path altogether.

Career outlook

7%national growth of architect employment through 2024 (US Department of Labor)

3xdemand for professional architects in Indiana (vs. national average)

43new architects will be needed in Indiana each year through 2022 (Indiana Department of Workforce Development)

16%projected job growth in eco-friendly architecture and green design (Bureau of Labor Statistics)

#4in “general happiness” with their careers (National Opinion Research Center)

#7in Best Engineering Jobs (U.S. News & World Report)

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