The Nomadic Studio

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Your studio is anywhere in the world

During the third year, you will participate in the Nomadic Studio, a learning adventure taking students to architecturally significant cities around the world.

While walking the streets of these unfamiliar urban areas, a sketchbook in hand, you will learn to analyze and interpret spaces and buildings, to see how architecture and design, filtered through the lenses of time and culture, permeate the streets and the spaces of each new city.

At the end of your travels, you will be able to compare and contrast these unforgettable cities based on your personal observations, experiences, and drawings. The lessons you will have learned will forever influence the synthetic and creative natures of your studio work as an architect.

Make international connections

The Nomadic Studio takes networking a step further, with the opportunity to meet, learn from, and collaborate with international architects and design scholars. These opportunities are promising not only for your global awareness and education as an architect, but for your future career.

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