Our Approach

Architecture is design + discovery

The Miller M.Arch experience at Indiana University is about living and learning in a city—seeing it each day in a different light, drawing its shapes and forms from observation, then again from memory, and building a personal, curated inventory of its most memorable characteristics.

By linking two parallel studio experiences, art and design, the Miller M.Arch at IU offers a comprehensive education that melds design of the built environment with underlying issues of culture, creativity, responsible practice, and a unique world view.

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Miller M.Arch program goals

  • Transcend commonly held ideas, initiate inventive solutions, and bridge the gap between theoretical and real
  • Inspire the development of new technologies and materials, reimagine built form and urban environments, and innovate traditional cultural linkages across continents
  • Invent designs that leverage technical advancements, are sensitive to the environment, and maintain a strong basis in theory, history, and the arts
  • Leverage the rich history of modernism in Columbus, Indiana, as a “living laboratory” for design discovery
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Draw the streets + spaces of the world

Through the Nomadic Studio, students analyze the architecture, strada, piazza, and art of major cities around the world by drawing urban landscapes, plans, and sections with proportional measurement in sketchbooks. This practice teaches the art of visual structure and composition, and embeds the ideas, concepts, and perceptions that fuel a designer’s imagination.

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