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The J. Irwin Miller Architecture Program (Miller M.Arch) at Indiana University reimagines the links between art, architecture, and the city by educating architects to be civic minded, innovative, and imaginative world thinkers.

The program is housed in the Eskenazi School of Art, Architecture + Design, within the College of Arts and Sciences, the home of liberal arts at IU Bloomington. The school offers a range of master’s degrees at the Bloomington campus and at The Republic Building in Columbus, a city that is nationally known for its outstanding examples of great modern architecture.

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A message from the dean

The Eskenazi School of Art, Architecture + Design offers unparalleled opportunities for collaboration across a spectrum of art and design disciplines, as well as through the rich and diverse College of Arts and Sciences on IU’s Bloomington campus. Our faculty are internationally recognized leaders who provide mentorship and inspiration to their students. They support a truly transdisciplinary learning environment for those seeking a boundless and connected education.

Our newest degree offering, the J. Irwin Miller Architecture Program, builds upon our long tradition of quality graduate education. While the program is based in the beautiful city of Columbus, some 45 minutes from Bloomington, the M.Arch continues to be strongly connected to IU Bloomington as faculty and students from Bloomington interact with the program in a variety of ways. These strong connections offer students all that is possible at a research one (R1) university.

The Eskenazi School is filled with builders who are fully engaged with creating the most innovative and exciting of programs. This website emphasizes the uniqueness of the Miller M.Arch curriculum. I truly believe you cannot find another program like this one, not just in the United States, but in the world. Whether it be our partnership with Columbus and the emphasis on community engagement and coalition building, our international offering—the Nomadic Studio, the infusion of art into the program, or the balance between tradition and technology, we are building a program like no other.

We welcome you to visit or call, and we look forward to connecting with you.

Peg Faimon
Founding Dean and Professor, Eskenazi School of Art, Architecture + Design

A message from the director

The IU master’s program in architecture holds, at its core, the idea that cross-pollination between art and design is central to extraordinary creativity and inventive thinking. As a program, we are invested in the idea that students of architecture must develop knowledge belonging to a multiplicity of disciplines held within the fields of art and design. Our innovative program proposes the idea of a “cabled conversation” between faculty, students and a robust visiting faculty program where the strands of discourse and inquiry found within the expressive arts and the sciences weave about and through the discipline of architecture.

Our program utilizes Columbus, Indiana – a city that has been a location for many great experiments of modern architecture and civic consciousness, as a “living laboratory.” Living and working amongst the buildings, space and landscape design of Columbus provides us with the powerful example of precedent and gives us access to the power of community and the unique coalition process that is fundamental to the formation of this special vision of place.

Recognizing, also, that the world is our studio, this program engages our students in a nomadic program of study by traveling to cities, circumnavigating the globe, to analyze how the many acts of invention in art and design are enacted.

In this newly created program in architecture, we intend to provide students with a broad exposure to all forms of creativity and to enable access to knowledge springing from the creation of inspired and thoughtful architectural design.

T. Kelly Wilson
Associate Professor and Director, J. Irwin Miller Architecture Program

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The exterior of the Republic Building at night