Learning Spaces

Exterior view of the famous North Christian Church in Columbus

The scalable city

Columbus, Indiana has been called the sixth most architecturally important city in the United States, alongside New York, Chicago, and San Francisco.

What makes Columbus ideal for an architecture program is its size. Columbus has the institutions, aspirations, and conflicts of larger cities. It is small enough, though, to be understood in its totality, and for meaningful interventions to be made. The body of forces and influences that form the city of Columbus are lessons you can transfer to any city, anywhere in the world.

IU Center for Art + Design building

M.Arch spaces

The M.Arch program will launch in the downtown Columbus space now occupied by the Indiana University Center for Art + Design Columbus (IUCA+D). Studio, gallery, shop, and other spaces all will be housed under one roof.

Located in the heart of downtown and a National Register Historic district, it is one building in a diverse neighborhood of historic and modern buildings that includes three National Historic Landmarks and many other major works of modernism.

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