Visiting Lecturers

Learn from experts and scholars around the world

Miller M.Arch students will interact with community experts and global scholars in a number of settings, from architectural archives to the streets of Rome. They will also have opportunities to collaborate with international architects, artists, and designers through the Nomadic Studio.

Visiting lecturers

  • John Burnett, president and CEO of the Community Education Coalition, a nationally recognized not-for-profit organization that works toward a high-quality community and regional learning system in the ten-county area of Southeast Indiana
  • Jack Hess, executive director of the Institute for Coalition Building, which teaches and shares the lessons of community collaboration with stakeholders across the country
  • Tricia Gilson, archivist and curator at the Columbus Indiana Architectural Archives, housing collections and exhibitions that focus on architecture, landscape architecture, planning, and public art in Bartholomew County, Indiana
  • Allan Ceen, founder of Studium Urbis, a research center on the urban development of Rome and other cities in Italy, located in the heart of Rome on the Via di Montoro 24

Visit + connect

The exterior of the Republic Building at night